The first spring

Our first few months on our “hobby” farm has been an adventure so far. After working to paint and remodel as we wanted out home, it was time to start adding some new family members this spring. Up until this point it had just been myself, my husband and our dog, Max, but don’t tell him he’s a dog.

Our latest addition was nine chicks — we got a variety of Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks and one Americana. While cute as chicks — and quite a learning experience — it’s time to get them out of the house. They’re very noisy at 6 weeks old, and no matter how often we clean out their box, they still smell if the windows aren’t all open.

Here’s a photo of the chicks when we got them, and a recent photo.

Now we’re in the process of building a coop to get them out of our house and into theirs. More to come on that project.




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