Building the coop

Another day of building until the sun went down, yet still not done with our chicken coop.

After getting chickens this spring, setting up the brooder in our house and caring for them during their first few weeks, it was time to move them outside. While we could have gone to the local farm supply store and purchased a coop, my husband and I decided we couldn’t find “just the right one,” so we were going to build our own. After much research online, we decided on a design and downloaded the plans.

It didn’t look too difficult. I figured by working in the evenings the first week, then all weekend this past weekend, we would have the coop and run completed and the girls moved into their new home.

Boy was I wrong. While we’ve been working non-stop during any and all daylight hours, nothing seems to be going as fast as I had expected. Nevertheless, it is slowly coming together and looking great. I think we’re doing pretty good at our first major building project. At least, this is a major project to us.

After another night’s rest, it will be back to building again in the morning before I head off to work.

Here’s the start we have on our coop.



One thought on “Building the coop

  1. I’ve been wanting to build one. Unfortunately we will have to finish landscaping our yard before I can think about starting it. Yes, things always seem to take longer than first expected. 🙂

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