Moving Day

It was finally the big day today. Moving day! The girls (our chickens) moved out of our house and into their own. It’s been quite a process building the coop.
As I mentioned before everything took much longer than expected, and the instructions I purchased, while helpful, didn’t outline everything for the non-builder type like me. Still, we managed to make it through the steps, making up a few as we went to adjust it to our liking. It was a rewarding process, and turned out better than I had hoped.
The girls moved into their new digs this morning, flying around and enjoying their new-found freedom. It was good to see them in a larger space, and great that we finally got our house back. It’s amazing how much room that box took up in our kitchen.
Of course, just because they’re in their new house, that doesn’t mean it’s completed. We still have the nest boxes to go. Luckily, we still have a little time before they need them, and I have read that you should block off nest boxes until they are ready for them anyway. No problem there. I think we’ll take a little breather before we start on the nest boxes, at least a day or two.
Time to sit and enjoy the ducks on the pond for a few moments before it’s time to go on to the next project.


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