It was quite a sight at the coop today

The girls made it through their first night after a little squawking when I closed them in for their first night, but they soon settled down. By morning, they were ready to get out again and start pecking around. Since we still had a few finishing touches on the coop, the most important one to this story was the walkway from the coop to the ground, I had to lift them in and out.
To make life easier – mainly on me – we set to work building the walkway. Once it was in place the girls didn’t really know what to think about it. One brave chicken, Alice, an Americana, was the first to try it. As she braved a few steps up the ramp, the other chickens gathered around at the base watching. I guess they wanted to see if she survived or not. She did, although she only made it a few steps before jumping off.
They spent the rest of the day mainly on the ground, then that second night I tried to teach them to walk up into the coop. How do you teach a chicken you may ask. It wasn’t easy. I placed them one by one on the ramp and helped them up into the coop. All was going well until I was down to the last two, who weren’t cooperating. After assuring the others were away from the door and happy to stay inside, I began chasing the other two around. It’s amazing how big an eight-foot by 12-foot area is.
Success at last! I caught one of the two and turned around just in time to see three of the others flying out of the coop door. Great. I began gathering chickens again and soon they all were inside. It’s amazing that they don’t want to stay outside when it starts to get dark, but they also don’t want to go inside.
The next morning they were happy to walk down the ramp by themselves and some even began to venture back up it. We’ll see how they do tonight.



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