A nice surprise

I had a nice surprise when I came home from work Thursday evening.
I had been spending every spare moment working on our chicken coop to get it livable for the girls, so I hadn’t even started my garden, which I usually would have in the ground by this time. In fact, it was looking very neglected, with weeds starting to grown up in it again.
Well, one evening when I returned from a long day at work it was still light enough outside for me to notice something had changed out in the field.
My husband had pulled the tiller out of the shed and tilled up my garden again so it would be ready for planting while I was working late.
I had tilled and mulched the new ground last fall, but it needed it again this year to mix it all in. He got it all prepared, and now I can’t wait to get in and start digging in the dirt.
I have spent the winter reading a book on tips to a successful garden and I’m ready to start implementing them. I’ll keep you updated on what works and what doesn’t. Time to get back to work…



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