Learning where home is

With the recent rain we had here, I have had to put my garden on hold for a day or two so things can dry out a little. With this, I have been able to turn my attention back to the chickens, which have been happily enjoying their new freedom in their run.
The only thing they don’t like to do is go into their coop at night. Everything I have read said after two to three days they would learn to go in at dusk. The suggestion was to bribe them with food, specifically grit, to get them inside. Apparently my chickens are too well fed because they only want their food if they can stay on the ground and eat it. My bravest girl, Alice, took a couple of steps up the ramp, but then quickly gave up and returned to the ground.
I’ve tried to walk them up the ramp, but still no luck.
After a little research I’ve come up with some new tricks to try.
1. Put treats inside — I doubt this will work since food wasn’t a good enough bribe for them.
2. Lock them inside for a couple of days — With the heat we have now I’m not sure this is really an option for me.
3. Put a flashlight inside — A nightlight. I would never have thought chickens would need that, but who knows.
From what I’ve learned from others’ comments is that the chickens have to learn the coop is home, something that takes a couple of weeks. Since mine have only been out there about a week now, maybe they’re still learning. I think I’ll try the flashlight plan, strange as it may sound, in hopes of speeding up the learning process.
Anyone who has any advice, please let me know. I want the girls to learn the safety of their new home, and save on my back from chasing them around the run.


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