Making progress

Slowly but surely we’re making some progress on getting the girls into the coop. I tried the flashlight method to give them a nightlight. While they didn’t resist as much when I put them in the coop, they didn’t go in themselves at all so I decided to take a different approach.
Last night and tonight, they were out of food in their outside feeder when I got home. I had been refilling it for them in the evening so they could get something to eat before bed. They have learned quickly when I pick up the feeder it means dinner time and follow me all the way to the bucket of food and back. i thought maybe since they followed me so well around the run, just maybe they would go inside.
Yesterday evening when my husband put the chickens away he filled the feeder, showed it to them and put it inside the coop. They weren’t interested.
Tonight, I followed the same routine. I filled the feeder with them keeping a close eye on me, then I shook it a bit so they knew there was food in it and they watched as I set it just inside the coop door. I also did this a little earlier in the evening so there was still some light left. Success at last! Alice, my bravest, walked all of the way from the ground, up the ramp and into the coop to eat. I was ready to celebrate, but that might have been a bit premature. The others watched her up there eating, but none were quite ready to make that scary walk themselves. It’s like they think they’re walking the plank. The next few I placed a few inches from the door and they walked the rest of the way in. Not as big of success, but still improvement. Of course, there had to be the last two that I chased around and around until I finally caught them and still had to put them all the way in.
With the extra light, they did take time to eat before settling into their favorite corner.
I’m confident I’m on to something here. Hopefully in a few more days, they will learn their coop is “home.”


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