Success at last

I felt like celebrating tonight when I went out to put the chickens in their coop for the evening. I had been trying the different tricks. Feeding them at night inside the coop kind of worked, but it didn’t get all of them inside. The flashlight didn’t seem to have any affect.
But when I combined to two tips I found the magic combination. The last two nights I have been feeding the chickens inside the coop, so they get interested when they see me put the feeder in the door. Then I shine a light inside so they can see to eat. They don’t do anything but gather in the corner once it is dark inside, which is sooner than it gets dark outside since the two windows face south.
The last two nights a few have been venturing up on their own, but tonight I went out and took the food inside and before I had even placed it in the coop the first was already walking up the ramp. Wow! I set the food inside and when I turned back around two more were making the trek. One was being hesitant so I reached down to pick her up and when I turned back around again there were two more. I couldn’t believe it! In all, I had to encourage one to go through the door and put two up on the ramp. That meant six of the girls were being brave tonight. Let’s hope it wasn’t just a fluke and they keep up this trend.


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