Facing a new challenge head-on

What do you do when faced with a new task you know nothing about? I chose to face it head-on.
With the recent rain we have been having, our pond has been filling up quickly — much faster than we thought it would in fact. That led us to start thinking about getting a canoe or flat-bottom boat to use, not just for pleasure, but also for treating the pond for moss, which we were told we would have to do occasionally.
After several days of looking online for boats for sale, my husband finally found the perfect boat. It was the right size, 12 feet; in good condition; in our price range; and close enough to go and pick it up.
Here’s where the challenge comes in.
We have a small sailboat on a trailer, but the lights on the trailer did not work. They hadn’t for some time, but we kept putting it off.
Now the time had come, there was no more putting it off, so I decided to jump in with both feet, so to speak.
We lifted the sailboat off of the trailer and moved the trailer out into the yard where there was plenty of space to work on it. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what you’re doing, than not knowing what you’re doing and being cramped while doing it.
I looked over the wiring and the lights, then compared that to the new kit we had purchased. I could do this. At least, I thought I could.
My husband removed the old signal lights from the trailer, then I laid out the new ones and started to string the wire around the trailer.
It took some creativity, like tying the new wires to the old ones I had cut before pulling them out of the neck of the trailer so that it pulled the new ones through with it.
Then I fastened on the new lights and starting hooking up the wires.
I was pleasantly surprised, it took less than an hour to complete, and it went fairly smoothly.
The moment of truth came when we plugged the lights in to the car and they worked. Woo-hoo! Time to celebrate.
All we had to do was wait until the person from whom we were buying the boat got off work and we were off to get it.




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