Loving the raised beds

When I started planning for my garden, I knew I wanted to try some raised beds. I’d read a lot of positive things about them. So we made another trip to the lumber store – they know us by name there now – and got the needed supplies. That included three pieces of 2×12 lumber eight feet long. I was going to make my raised beds 4×8 feet and 12 inches high.
They didn’t take long to construct, in fact, my husband did most of it by himself while I was working on making one more pass over the area they would be placed with the tiller. After raking away all of the loose dirt, so I would have it to fill the beds with, I tilled up the ground under where the raised beds would be placed. That would give the roots and root vegetables even more loose soil in which they could grow and expand. With the soil ready to go, we lined up the three raised beds along the edge of my garden. I filled them with the dirt I had raked away. It filled them about 2/3 of the way. That would have to do for now because we didn’t have any more extra soil to use. I figure as I continue to mix in mulch each season they will fill up quickly.
Once everything was in place I stepped back to survey it. They looked great. I could tell already not only would they provide a littler easier access when weeding, but they kept the garden looking neat and tidy. The only thing I wish I had — enough to complete the entire garden, but that will have to wait. Some of my vegetables will just have to make due in the regular ground.
I’m looking forward to seeing if things, especially the root vegetables like carrots and potatoes grow better in the raised beds, and if they require less weeding like I read. Off to play in the dirt now.


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