Venturing out into the world


The girls had a big day last weekend. It was time to step outside of the safe confines of their coop and run into the big, scary world. OK, maybe not so scary to them, at least as long as I was standing there.
I opened the door to the run and it took a few moments then Alice, my brave, try-everything-first girl, took the first steps out into freedom. After seeing her peck around a few moments, the others were quick to follow. They began scratching and nibbling at some fresh, green grass. Inside their run has become mostly dirt very quickly, partly from us walking all over it while building the coop and the rest from them.
For the first trip out, any loud noise sent them scurrying back to the safety of their run. I was happy to see that. If a predator was in the area, at least they would know where to go.
I have let them out a few more times since then and they enjoy flapping, flying and chasing each other around, as well as snacking on fresh greens.
The only problem has been my garden. I knew it could be an issue once they discovered it since it’s not fenced in yet, I just didn’t expect them to stumble upon it so quickly. They have a huge grassy area after all, I don’t know what keeps attracting them to the garden. In efforts to protect my growing garden the girls only get to venture out when I’m around.
Because they wander in and out of the run the whole time, putting them up has not been too much of an issue. Only a few times I have had to chase a couple around the outside of the run a time or two before I got them in the door. Once they all actually went in on their own.
I try to give them a treat of lettuce or fruit when I put them back in, so they look forward to it.
Now every time I walk by their run, they all go hurrying to the door, hoping to have another little taste of freedom.



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