Benefits of soaker hoses

With my new garden and new methods such as raised beds, I also decided to try a new watering system. In my reading and preparing for this year’s garden season, and my first garden on our new farm, I kept running across the benefits of using soaker hoses.
It sounded like a great idea so I decided to give it a try. I found a catalogue with a system, measured how much I would need, and figured up the order. Once I had my garden planted, I pulled out the supplies. I had ordered a snip n clip system so I could make it the lengths I wanted and also not waste water by watering in between my beds. It was a piece of cake to put together and soon water was flowing.
One thing I did quickly learn was the longer the section of soaker hose, the less water that part of the garden received, even if I kept it under the recommended 100 feet.
I had to get some additional Y adapters and split my watering system into four sections so I can turn just one on at a time. It is working much better.
Next year I think I will try running a separate hose down each row, instead of winding it up and down a couple. From what I’ve seen so far, I think that will water even more evenly.
Some of the benefits included getting water right to the roots and not wasting water to evaporation or getting leaves wet. I would say these are all true. How much it saves on a water bill? I’ll have to leave that up to you to decide since I don’t have a previous bill here to compare it to.
Happy watering!


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