My chicken thinks she’s a dog

When we first brought our chicks home this spring, I would hold them daily to get them used to us, but I wanted them to get used to more than just the people in their new family. They also had to get used to our dog, Max, and Max had to learn to like them.
To get them acquainted, I would hold the chicks down, fully enclosed in my hand and let Max sniff them. He would take a sniff and then walk off. I breathed a sigh of relief after the first couple of encounters when he didn’t try to eat them.
All went well, and Max learned to like the chickens and even is protective of them, chasing off anything he thinks is getting too close when they are out in the yard. He doesn’t chase the chickens or bark at them. It was better than I could have hoped.
As it turns out, it really was more than I had hoped for. A few days ago I noticed one of our Buff Orpington’s hanging around Max more than the others. She seemed curious about him. I often saw them nose to beak. [Sigh of relief.] He still didn’t try to eat her.
The latest development has been that she now follows Max around the yard. All of her sisters will be off looking for bugs in the grass and there she is right behind Max. When they are let out of their run, the others flap around and start pecking, and she makes a beeline for Max. He puts up with her for a while, then tries to escape her. Only once has he growled at her, and that was after she pecked him twice. The first time he backed away, but apparently the second time was too much. But he didn’t hurt her, and it doesn’t seem to have deterred her efforts to be his buddy.
I can’t decide if she thinks she’s a dog, or she thinks Max is her mother. Either way, it’s entertaining.



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