It’s amazing the difference

It’s amazing how much difference some cooler weather can make. I’ve been watering for hours each day with my soaker hoses, but my garden and flowers continue to battle the heat and wind, with the heat and wind winning.
The last week it cooled down some, and by that, I mean it’s not 100 degrees anymore, which is unusual for Kansas in July. I’m not complaining though. Not only are we able to get in some needed outdoor work without melting, but my flowers on the deck have really bounced back and my garden is on a growth spurt. The remaining lettuce in my garden, which had started to turn brown around the edges, even has greened back up and has grown tremendously in the last couple of days. I’d better get back out there and get some more work down before it heats back up. Here’s a photo showing the progress on the garden so far…Happy gardening!!!



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