To mulch or not to mulch – definitely to mulch

Usually by this point in the summer, I’m sweating, straining and griping about the weeds that keep invading my garden. But not this year.
Why you ask?
I decided to cover my garden in mulch, mainly to help keep the moisture in and prevent as much fluctuation in the soil temperature. I was hoping it would help with weeds as well, but never did I expect the results I have seen. I have pulled a few weeds here and there, but not near the back-breaking labor I’m used to at this point in the gardening season in past years. I put the mulch around my plants when they were planted if large enough or as soon as they had broke through the surface of the soil if planted as seeds. Not only does it cut down on the watering, but it has nearly eliminated the weeds. What used to take hours to complete, now only takes minutes. I’m hooked. I’ll never garden without mulch again.
You’re probably thinking, that’s great, but it’s quite an expense. I’ll let you in on where I get my mulch for free next time.



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