Mulching? Learn where to get it for free

Last time I told you of the great benefits I had been seeing from placing a layer of mulch over my garden this year.
It not only keeps the soil moisture more even, it also prevents most of the weeding.
Now you say, that’s great, but it’s got to be expensive to cover that much area with mulch. A bag of mulch here runs around $3.50, times the number of bags to cover the entire garden. I don’t even want to think about it.
But, I mulched my entire garden for, get this, free. Well, there was a cost, a lot of sweat and strained muscles.
Our community provides a compost facility where you can drop off your tree limbs and leaves at no cost. In addition, they chip those tree limbs and maintain the piles of mulch. That is offered free back to the residents. All you have to do is go load it up yourself. That’s where the sweat and strained muscles comes in. It took two large truckloads for me to get the entire garden covered. Actually, I could probably use a little more, but I don’t think I can lift another shovel.
One thing I have found over the past year is depending on the time of year, they have different qualities of mulch. Over the winter it was mainly leaves, then this spring there was a fresh supply of wood chips. It makes for great landscaping too.
So contact your local city office to see if they offer such a service and don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. Happy mulching!


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