Our first eggs

It was the day we have been waiting for since we brought our chicks home when they were one day old. The first egg. What an exciting moment!
My husband was the lucky one to make the discovery while I was at work. He had gone out to check their water and food and found an egg laying by their feeder. At least it was in the coop. Now to get it in the nesting box. But wait! He saw even more than that. Another chicken was exiting a nesting box (glad we finally got those added onto the coop a couple weeks ago) as he was standing there. He looked inside, and yes, there it was. Another egg. So we got not just one, but two in one day. They were about half the size of a regular egg, but they were delicious when we had them for breakfast the next morning.
Sadly, there have been no more eggs since then. It’s probably because I check every few hours. A watched chicken never lays? I think that might be my new saying. Well, I’ll keep watching and waiting for that next egg. There’s nothing like a farm-fresh egg.



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