The joys of farm fresh eggs

I think I might have bought my last dozen of store bought eggs for a while.
After having been laying for two or three weeks now, most of our girls are now laying. We are getting on average six eggs a day from our nine chickens!
While they are still smaller than normal (at least all but one layer), we are getting enough to pretty much keep up with our needs. I even set a dozen aside to make some farm-fresh deviled eggs. I can’t wait!
There’s nothing more exciting than going out to the coop and pulling out a handful of eggs. At this rate, I’m going to need to get a basket soon to start gathering them.
As we began using the eggs, on one occasion we had a couple of farm fresh eggs in a skillet next to store bought eggs. The difference was amazing. Our egg yolks are so much richer looking and a deep yellow, almost orange.
There also is a noticeable difference in the taste. If you haven’t had a farm-fresh egg, I recommend you visit your local farmers market and get a dozen to try out. I guarantee you will be hooked!