Waiting for spring

It’s always sad to see the garden go in the fall, but that also brings new adventures and excitement, as it is time to start planning for the next year.
This year, I had a soil test done to see what was or was not missing from my soil. With a high pH, I added sulfur this year, along with more compost and tilled that into my garden in preparation for planting time.
When I went to the greenhouse to get the sulfur, the owner commented “you’ll see a difference with this.” That was the same comment I got back with my soil test results. Well, they’ve definitely gotten my expectations raised. I can’t wait to see what this does for my garden.
For those who garden and have not done so, I recommend a soil test. It is a great way to see exactly what you can do to improve your growing situation. Our local county extension office provides this service.
After adding the sulfur and compost, which my husband generously offered to till in for me ā€“ tilling has never been one of my favorite parts of gardening ā€“ we then covered the raised beds with straw and the rest of the garden with mulch. Now it is time to wait. Each time it rains or snows, I can just imagine that sulfur mixing with the soil and working its magic. Magic is what I am hoping for with my garden come spring. I had a great harvest last year, so I can only imagine what this year might bring. More vegetables than I know what to do with? I can only hope….and wait.



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