Making homemade bread with dill, rosemary


Two delicious herbs to grow are rosemary and dill. They both have a very distinct and strong flavor that is a nice addition to a variety of dishes. One way I enjoy using both of these is for bread.

Nothing smells quite as good as a homemade loaf of bread baking except maybe to add dill or rosemary to it.

I do take a short cut on making bread and use our bread machine. This is such a simple process with the same delicious flavor of homemade. Without it, I’d probably never find time to make my own bread.

You can add as much or as little of the herbs as you want depending on what you like, but here’s the recipe I use.

Add 1/4 cup water, 4 tsp. vegetable oil, 2/3 cup beer, 1 tsp. salt, 2 T. sugar, 2 cups bread flour and 1 tsp. quick rise yeast (in that order) to the bread machine pan. Then for the rosemary bread, sprinkle 2 tsp. ground dried rosemary and 1/2 teaspoon dried parsley over the top. Set your bread machine and wait. This will make a one-pound loaf of bread. For the dill bread, add 2 T. dried dill weed and 1 tsp. dill seed. The dill bread is great with Sloppy Joes, while the rosemary bread is delicious with a little butter while it’s still warm.

Until next time, happy garden-fresh eating!

Julie Clements is a Butler County Master Gardener.
Share your ideas for garden-fresh recipes or ways to preserve at and some will be featured in upcoming columns.


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