Resist those urges

Spring garden season in Kansas is always interesting. The weather usually warms in April, so it seems safe to plant those warm season crops. If you’re like me, you’ve had them for a few weeks already and can’t wait to get them in the group. But DON’T DO IT!

I was looking back at my gardening calendar from laimg_5799st year and saw that I did plant tomatoes about this time. Yes, even I have trouble taking my own advice. The problem in Kansas is you never know what the weather is going to do. After planting on April 25 last year, we then had a frost about a week later. Every good gardener knows tomatoes and frost do not go together. 

This year, thanks to my new greenhouse, I have been able to be a little more patient. My goal is the second week of May to plant, but we’ll see how that goes. It is a good thing I didn’t plant as early as last year though because the temps dropped today and the low to nights this week has been 39 degrees, which also brought with it frost. (Then back up to a low of 53 degrees in two days; it’s crazy around here this time of year.) While 39 degrees is not freezing, it is getting dangerously cold, and out in the country where we are it always seems to get a few degrees colder than the forecast. All of that concrete in towns always keeps it a bit warmer. 

So keep your fragile seedlings in a warm place and try to resist those urges. You will see the rewards in the end for your patience – jars and jars of tomatoes, ketchup, pizza sauce and more.


It’s amazing the difference

It’s amazing how much difference some cooler weather can make. I’ve been watering for hours each day with my soaker hoses, but my garden and flowers continue to battle the heat and wind, with the heat and wind winning.
The last week it cooled down some, and by that, I mean it’s not 100 degrees anymore, which is unusual for Kansas in July. I’m not complaining though. Not only are we able to get in some needed outdoor work without melting, but my flowers on the deck have really bounced back and my garden is on a growth spurt. The remaining lettuce in my garden, which had started to turn brown around the edges, even has greened back up and has grown tremendously in the last couple of days. I’d better get back out there and get some more work down before it heats back up. Here’s a photo showing the progress on the garden so far…Happy gardening!!!